Why Use a REALTOR®?

By Toronto Real Estate Board

It’s said that the more things change, the more they stay the same and this is certainly true with respect to Torontonians’ interest in real estate.

Toronto property values may hold incredible long term guarantee. The process of selling and purchasing a home though has become increasingly more sophisticated in recent years, requiring knowledge of economic trends, regulatory wants and the latest marketing strategies. It’s therefore more important than ever to use the pro services of a REALTOR to work on your behalf. Read on to find out lots more about why you need to use a REALTOR.

Professional Development and Training

Ontario REALTORS acquire their information through an education programme followed by a supervised training period as required by the real estate and Business Brokers Act. They’re also required to upgrade their schooling on a continual basis.

Through this process a massive quantity of talents and knowledge is bought. Your REALTOR will for example, discover the right way to use the Multiple Listing Service which can generate info on sales volumes, average costs, and days on market, by housing type and neighbourhood, that will help you decide a suitable offer or listing price.

Professional Experience

Your REALTOR will gather details on your home’s features to be displayed on the MLS, which together with the buyer Registry Service, is used to match buyers’ preferences with properties available for sale.

Your REALTOR can also access an official records database to confirm several specifics that are vital to each exchange like taxes on individual properties, possession histories and lot size details.

Other Information

Your REALTOR may extend their info gathering even farther, retrieving info like streetscape imagery, mapped area sales and average local incomes.

Your Greater Toronto REALTOR may even advise you on new home construction options using RealNet Canada’s database.

Professional Discernment

You can count on a REALTOR to help translate a considerable range of information and to supply insight into a number of other essential areas as well.

They can for example, advise on features that are popular in the present day’s home market, and offer an aim perspective on improvements that may achieve the best investment return for your specific home.

They have a depth of understanding when referring to local knowledge, school ratings and locale comforts.

Government Programs

Your REALTOR might also offer understanding of state programs that may be fitted to your individual situation.