Competition Tribunal Dismisses Case against TREB

April 16, 2013 — On April 15, the competition Tribunal commented it has dismissed an Application started by the Commissioner of Competition against the Toronto Real estate Board, and ordered costs owing by the Commissioner of Competition to TREB.

The contest Tribunal said that its decision is founded on its finding the Toronto Property Board was obviously not acting anti-competitively.

"The Tribunal’s decision was the right decision," said Ann Hannah, President of TREB. "TREB and its Members will continue to offer the highest possible quality real-estate service without losing the privacy rights of consumers."

This is a confirmed decision which unequivocally allows TREB to continue with its current Virtual Office Web site ( Vow ) policy. These Vows allow clients to access REALTOR Members’ secure password-protected web sites showing MLS listing information. TREB is skyrocketing access and competition while safeguarding the privacy rights of clients.

Throughout the hearings, TREB stood up for the privacy rights of consumers and will continue doing so. The result reinforces that shielding privacy isn’t anti-competitive.
"TREB struggled with the competition Bureau’s actions that would have forced TREB to dismantle the guarantees of the MLS system," related Von Palmer, Chief Privacy Officer. Privacy matters, so we fought back."

TREB appreciates the efforts and support of The Canadian Real estate Organisation on the problem.

TREB is committed to protecting the standard of the MLS system and the improved service TREB Members offer their clientele while safeguarding the privacy rights of consumers.