The cold and storms of the winter season can do damage to the outside of a home and the encircling property. Now’s the time to do a winter-end check to be sure everything is in order and ready to resist those spring time showers and the pending heat of summer. Sometimes it is not that there is significant damage to worry about, but simply the proven fact that it may have been 1 or 2 months since you last paid any attention to outside maintenance.
While all exterior parts should be checked periodically, areas that sometimes require additional attention at the end of the winter season include the roofing and roof drainage system ( gutters and downspouts ). To identify possible roof part concerns, look for :
Ceiling spots A likely danger sign that your roof system wishes leak mend or replacement. If stains are on a lower level ceiling, a plumbing leak might be the cause, put don’t cross out a roof source for the water. Ceiling stains can also be associated with condensation due to exaggerated attic room moisture and / or ice dam conditions, that may require air sealing, additional attic room ventilation and / or insulation to stop a recurrence.

Missing shingles Any missing shingles should get replaced speedily to avoid extra leakage and damages to the roof deck and interior of your home.

Lifted or curled shingles This could be a clue the roof is worn and near or at the end of its service life. If found just in an isolated areas, spot replacement could be possible but if widespread, get a professional opinion on the roofs condition.

Heavy granules buildup in gutter or at base of downspouts The granule on roof shingles continuously wear away to the point at which the fundamental material is exposed over large areas.

Loose, lifted or cracked flashing This is the metal or other type membrane found at the base of chimneys, vents and other roof penetrations. If unjustifiable, it can indicate ageing shingles that need replacing. Damaged flashing should be repaired to stop leakage.
If you have problems with your roof system, we suggest utilizing the assistance of a pro home inspector or qualified roofer contractor to figure out conditions and repair needs. Many conditions can be securely observed from the grounds with a good pair of binoculars.
GAF Materials Enterprise, one of North America’s largest roofing manufacturer maintains an index to help homeowners find qualified roofing contractors. Simply go to GAF’s website at to find the list. This site also contains a good deal of info about roofing products, general issues and solutions.