Both new and old forced warm air systems require some attention to help keep them running smoothly and efficiently during the season. Even though you may have a comparatively new system, a regular check and upkeep is vital. With the sensitiveness and complication of modern controls, even little changes in a setting can have a serious baleful effect on the function and life of a unit.

Check the filter at least monthly in the heating ( and cooling ) season.
Confirm all heat supply dampers on room registers are in the open position and not blocked by furniture or drapes. Permanent, cleanable filters should be cleaned often ; expendable type filters should get replaced when dirty.
Consider a yearly service contract with a localized utility or service company, especially if your system is fueled by an oil burner. A qualified service engineer will clean the burners and the heating surfaces ; check for back drafting ( which can make a carbon monoxide danger ), check for balanced air distribution ; check safety controls ; and lubricate motors and fan if required.