A little prep work before you move

You selected the right REALTOR, the right neighbourhood, and the right home to suit your lifestyle. The terms have been negotiated, the obligatory forms have been completed and all that’s left is to pack and empty the boxes.

Unpacking is frequently an afterthought in the moving process, but a little prep work before you move will contribute to you getting to enjoy your new home earlier. If you are selling your current home, make it more marketable and rid your space of unwished-for goods by recycling, donating, or selling them online.

Preparation should begin far in advance of your exchange. Alternatively, you can enroll a moving company to pack for you, and arrange temporary storage at a facility if you want it. Without regard for who does the packing, ensure you have an inventory list of boxes and their contents.

One box should ideally include cleaning supplies and essential tools like a utility knife, screwdrivers, nails and a hammer. Speaking of essentials, prepare a box of all you need for the first few nights like snacks, drinks, a change of garments, toiletries and pet supplies. It should be the last to leave and first to be unpacked.

Housework is mostly needed before you break open the boxes and procrastinating on this step will only add stress in the long term. If you foresee it as a roadblock, employ professional cleaners before your move.

Once you are ready to bring in the boxes, move them efficiently by taking them right to the rooms for which they’re labeled. Keep in mind though , that cleaning each room on your own also offers a great opportunity to start a list of required fix-ups. Tackle them first, beginning by lining the cupboards.

There is a valid reason that kitchens and lavatory restorations supply the best ROI : they are key to the enjoyment of our houses.

Put linens for each bed in clear, separate bags and if you have a family, set each member to work on their bedrooms, emphasising the seriousness of an arranged closet.

Sketch or get plans of your new place before your move, and prepare furniture primarily based on them. Designating the proper individual for the job certainly applies to setting up electronics ; do so to guarantee valuable time isn’t wasted.

Garages and storage spaces are underrated in terms of the importance they have in helping a home run efficiently. Depending on the season and your housing type, you may also want to set-up the barbeque so as to cook without making dirty dishes. Take your time organising these areas to attain the finest possible functionality.

Break down boxes as you unpack them and cut back your environmental footprint by reselling or recycling your packing materials if possible.

Ultimately, take a little time out for walks in your new neighbourhood. Just like efficient emptying, getting involved with neighbors and community events will add to the enjoyment of your new home.