The supply of rental housing in Canada

The supply of rental housing in Canada has been dropping since 2007 and is now at its bottom in Twelve years, and that should accelerate new development of flat buildings, .
But a variety of factors are now conspiring that should push developers into the market.

Towns such as Toronto have not seen major house construction for a minimum of Forty years. Those include escalating leases and demand for more affordable housing.

Generally in public traded companies such as real-estate investment trusts are doing the majority of the bargains.

The home multifamily vacancy rate is likely less than Three percent in major urban markets.

An exception is business or producing sites.

Year-to-date 59 per cent of the purchasers of office properties were public, 57 percent of purchasers of retail properties were public, and Sixty six per cent of buyers of multifamily properties were public. But while only Thirty three per cent of the buyers of such properties this year were public firms, that’s up from 10 % in 2010.