The Homebuyers’ Road Map

Ottawa, ON, Nov 26, 2012 Customers have a new tool to help navigate the complexities and financial consequences of purchasing a home. The map is available on CREA’s web site at That figure rose to Seventy pc for respondents of ages between Eighteen and Twenty-nine. “We’re content to have collaborated with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to develop this guide.” .

Launched to synchronize with Finance Literacy Month, the Homebuyers’ Road Map is a guide which should help Canadians better understand the home buying process as well as appreciate the importance of dealing with banks and researching govt. programs.

“Helping Canadians plan for the future, make solid decisions and ensure the financial security of their loved ones are crucial in this increasingly complicated world,” said Shelly Glover, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance.

“Buying a home involves a bunch of steps and many purchasers require a bit of help in understanding the varied options available. To make the choice that suits their own circumstances and goals, customers require some money knowledge which is what financial literacy truly is,” added Ursula Menke, Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada ( FCAC ). “This guide will help people make the correct decision, and adds to the info on mortgages, loans and banking available on our website,”