The Multiple Listing Service and your REALTOR

Like other professionals, a REALTOR is as good as the information at his or her disposal.
The Multiple Listing Service is a co-operative system used by REALTOR Members of Canada’s real estate boards. It is different than the consumer website, which offers a brief description of most properties listed on MLS systems. The Toronto Real EstateBoard’s Multiple Listing Service provides an ongoing inventory of available properties and other related information. With training, experience and access to this database, a REALTOR can provide invaluable assistance in buying or selling your next resale home. For sellers, aREALTOR can use the system to determine a fair listing price by performing a comparative market analysis. This analysis focuses on the geographical location of your property and describes it as accurately as possible. The database can then be searched to reveal comparable sold, active and expired properties, retrieving information such as sold price, list price and average time on the market to help determine a range of fair listing prices. For buyers, a REALTOR can match your very specific needs to all properties listed. Your REALTOR can create a profile outlining your desired price range, location and specific details like the number of bathrooms, bedrooms and fireplaces. For buyers who are geographically focused, your REALTOR can even search all active listings on a particular street and retrieve all relevant information including property description, a photograph, and assessed value. The system updates nightly, listing all potential properties that meet your particular needs and automatically emailing them to you. In helping you to determine an offer, your REALTOR can also search specific properties’ historical data such as previous selling prices. As well, the MLSallows REALTORS to monitor monthly sold statistics to ensure property prices reflect current market conditions. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the MLS system supports yourREALTOR in helping you make informed decisions that lead to successful transactions.

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